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Montag, Dezember 14, 2009

Welcome to Sin Bay City

This side of the river is Sin Bei city or whatever. The stuff with the big bamboo shoot skyscraper is Tai bei. No, wait, Taipei.

Around Taipei City, Taiwan's defacto capital (actually Taiwan is called "Republic of China" and its capital is Nanking in China, but China was lost to the commies in 1949 and so Taipei is the de-facto capital, if you want to play it by the book) is Taipei County, who would have guessed. Taipei County will now become a municipaity of its own right and will also get a sexy new name.

Candidates are currently Xin Bei City, or as the Taipei Times write it "Sin Bei City" and "New Taipei City". Sure the latter will confuse everyone.
They wrote "Xin" or "Sin" in two ways because the Taiwanese just love different romanizations for their Chinese characters. Yeah, the girls wear high heels in Sin Bay City, you better beware, if you come to Sin Bay City. Stick some flowers in your hair, before you go to Sin Bay City... [OK, someone turn off the music].

Actually, Sin Bei City or Xin Bei City means "New North City". And no, Taiwan is not a sex tourist country. You were searching for Thailand. Wrong blog. Sorry. Off you go....

Sources: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2009/12/07/2003460364

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