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Mittwoch, Oktober 08, 2008

National Day of Taiwan (or not?)

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[Region of Taiwan, Republic of China, Bejing's backwater province, glorious Republic of 5000years Chinese culture, Chinese empire on Taiwan, Formosa, Green island, not Thailand] October 10th is our National day here in Taiwan and we all have a day off. Hurray! However, actually it's not Taiwan's national day, but rather China's national day, because we celebrate the fact that on October 10th 1911 the Republic of China was founded in ... well, China.... and has replaced the Chinese monarchy. Why do we celebrate that? Because we are China! Only, we have escaped in 1949 to the island of Formosa, when the Commies came. All clear? Our new president Ma has stated it: His country is the Republic of China, only unfortunately on the island Taiwan/Formosa and the mainland of China is ours!


He also called Taiwan a "region". So let's celebrate our regional day. Which is actually Chinese.
Who cares. Day off is all that is important.


Street view in Chin... um ... I mean Taiwan. Look, no VW Santanas and no bicycles, so is this really China? A VW Santana is an ugly square German car which nobody wanted in Deutschland, so we sold all to China... [Hchinzu or however that is spelled, Taiwan]

OK, once again, nobody understood that. Image you are a country, say China, and then the commies take over. You quickly pack your bags, the crown jewels and all money available and off you go with your Navy and some of your army to a small island. That island is called Taiwan and was not even China by that time, because the Japanese took it in 1895. Then, after deporting the Japanese you say you are still China and want China back. That works great and you are even still in the UN as "the one and only China" even if you don't rule China but just rule a little rock in front of its coast. It works well until Nixon comes along, the bastardo. Then, Mainland China is accepted as China again and you ... are also China. Little China on Taiwan, so to speak. People called it "National China (Taiwan)" and the thing on the Mainland is called "Red China".

60 years later the people in Taiwan are still discussing if they are China or actually Taiwan, because now even they are confused. And the Germans always mistake it for Thailand.
However, I have the solution. We need a slogan, like this Malaysian "Malaysia .... truely Asia" song they always used to play on CNN Asia.

What about this one: (imagine beautiful girls and background music like in that Malaysia flic...)

Taiwan ........ possibly China

Local gals brooding over my suggestion painted on the wall (Possibly China?)

But no, the current Taiwanese President Ma doesn't want to call Taiwan by the name Taiwan, he prefers to call it China. Which makes it kinda hard for the tourism industry. Did I mention we don't have foreign tourist?

Visit China! That's probably what he wants tourism clerks to advertise. No wonder they all end up in Bejing..


Bluefish hat gesagt…

I think President Ma should resign...for me Taiwan is Taiwan. Politic is definitely a sensible subject in Taiwan. But we know who we are regardless of what other foreigners think of us.

A lot of poeple would take take with China due to their superpower, but Taiwan will never reunite with them.

Ludigel ("Bob Honest") hat gesagt…

I am impartial, I have blamed both presidents :-)

My Life In Montreal hat gesagt…

I blame KMT for fleeing to Taiwan because they couldn't defeat Communism party. We were all happy people until they came and killed many Taiwanese people (2/28).

I'm glad I'm living in another country now because I certainly can't deal with all the political bs.

Ludigel ("Bob Honest") hat gesagt…

Yeah, in other countries people don't know much about 2/28, should not be forgotten. The day, dreams of a democratic Republic of Taiwan were dying...