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Mittwoch, Dezember 02, 2009

About Taipei women

Women come in many brands in Taiwan, not only Hitachi

Someone found this on a forum and posted it on another forum, our Taiwan expat forum Forumosa.com. I swear I do not mention the word forum in the next sentence. I just have to post it here, it is great:

" Many Taiwanese women are a pain, and if you marry one, you are probably in for some serious trouble, especially if they come from Taipei, because Taipei is where they found their 'liberation' from their stuffy family who hated them from birth for being born a girl, and you'll never get them to leave. (You yourself might not ever want to leave Taipei). Even if you get her to your hometown, she'll always want to go back to Taipei."


I would never say such thing of course. Any comments on that somebody? I can't comment. I really can't....

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