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Mittwoch, Mai 21, 2008

Man, am I far from home!

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German below, Deutsch unten !

ENGLISH: Boy, am I far from home is what I thought when I saw these photos, which I took of the little temple in my village (there will be more if I search more) close to Jhongli, Taoyuan county in Northern Taiwan (Republic of China with formal name).

With Firefox browser, you only need to left-click on the images to see them much larger.

The bright orange street light which was illuminating the scene falsified the natural colours (I used an analogue MINOLTA reflex camera with 400 ASA daylight film), the color prints showed the temple like it really looked... bathed in strange orange light. However, an ancient copy of Paint Shop Pro allowed for colour correction and so you see the temple in natural colours. A little less red and some more blue and green did the trick.
What are these scary stars of light on the drum in front? I don't remember them being there when I took the photos (whoooooooo).

And oven to burn "ghost money" (which is, well, money for deceased relatives) and magical notes (which may call upon the heavenly spirits to protect you or fulfill your wishes: please ask the Dalai Lama or this bald Buddhist lady from Taiwan TV for details).

Among the many shadows I really felt as if the snake-like dragons ad this lion (?) were moving. This pic looks much better when enlarged, try left-clicking on the images with Firefox browser to see them larger (works in a similar fashion with IE too).

There are many chickens nearby, so it's no wonder one dragon on the left looks like a chicken...

And close by... neighbours turning their piece of land into a mourning ground for a funeral (the urn will NOT be buried there!), as it is popular in the countryside. LOUD music playing many hours every day for a week and another week not so long, a Buddha statue inside, presents for the deceased and the priest sings OH DEAR OH DEAR WHY HAVE YOU PASSED AWAY, Baba, baba, baba all friggin' night long. If a grandpa dies somewhere, this is a great hassle to my ears.

A FEW MORE temples photos (Longshan temple Taipei mainly)
MORE temples photos (Longshan, others)

ALL PHOTOS by blog author (Ludigel)

DEUTSCH, German:

Der Link oben führt zu ein paar Fotos vom bekannteren Longshan-Tempel, aber auch so ein Nachbarschaftsminitempel ist ganz eindrucksvoll. Die Fotos sind eigentlich größer, am besten klickt man bei Firefox mit linker Maustaste drauf und sieht sie dann in groß. In den wirren Schatten schienen sich die Figuren manchmal zu bewegen, ein bisschen unheimlich war es schon,
denn der Tempel liegt im Dunkeln auf einer sumpfigen Wiese vor unserem Haus...

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