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Mittwoch, Dezember 23, 2009

Taiwan: Foreign employees have no rights, unless married

Women come "all in one" with civil rights for foreigners in Taiwan...

Taiwan has a lot of English teachers from English speaking countries, mainly US and Canada. They are in Taiwan on work-related "ARC"s, which means Alien Residence Permits. Foreigners basically have no rights in Taiwan, there is a law stating foreigners may not interfere with politics and they can be extradited from the country without a reason given. English teachers usually get royally screwed by their employers because their work permit/ARC depends on them. "Maoman", who runs Taiwan's expat forum Forumosa.com, had organized a meeting with government representatives (http://forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=84289&start=0) and the whole affair was seemingly totally embarrassing. The government representatives refused to hand out their name cards, were absolutely uninterested in taking part in the proceedings and were rather insulting than helpful, see the link above.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, you are granted a bit of right if you are married to a local, and that is sure something. Otherwise your shady "bushiban" cram-school boss, if you are one of the countless English teachers here, can feel free to screw you whenever he wants and you do not have any possibilities to get him to do what he or she is required to do by law, is basically the outcome of the meeting.

Building up one's life here is dangerous as you can not enforce any kind of right to stay in the country even after an extended period of time. Well, I am not planning on staying that long [gosh, is it really 5 years already?]

Otherwise you are treated friendly and can usually feel welcomed in Taiwan, at least if you are a white guy, as this matches the image Taiwanese have of an "American" whom they see in a positive light. But still, you have no rights.

[glad not to be an English teacher]

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Patrick Secret hat gesagt…

wenn interessieren schon die "english teachers" das sind eh meistens nur clowns oder manche sparen sich was auf die seite für später und gehen wieder zurück.
lao wai s die wirklich an taiwan interessiert sind heiraten früher oder später eine xiao jie.. mich wundert es eh wie manche english teacher verwöhnt werden..

Lao wai hat gesagt…

Na, das nenne ich mal eine fundierte, ausgewogene und sachliche Wortmeldung.