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Donnerstag, Dezember 31, 2009

A Football Ghost

My dad is a big fan of football (call it soccer if you are American) and he has played for many years in local teams. Finally he played in the local town's "old gents league" (Altherren) and after that in the "old old gents league" (Alt-Altherren). Finally it was probably time to retire even from that one, and finally one guy from the team had to bring him the bad news he should leave the team. Wasn't necessary my dad says; of course he is right. I mean how can anybody be older than old-old [cough]. Anyway, that is many many years ago, an old-old story so to speak, and he practically had forgotten about it.
However shortly before Christmas, he suddendly had a dream. He was back in his old sports club, drinking a beer or two with the others, and talked to ... that guy again, who told him it would be time to quit. During the conversation he said to him (in his dream, most likely the real conversation was much different): "Let's see if I will live longer than you."

He woke up and had an eerie feeling about the dream and was wondering why he suddendly had dreamt about this old story. He went down to the breakfast table and opened the morning news paper. Germany's newspaper have a section with death announcements, people put a notice about their loved one's funeral in there. And there it was. This old football friend [or enemy, if you want to put it that way] had recently died and his funeral was announced.
Did his old football mate came for a final goodbye and kind of said: "OK you win, I kicked you out of the team for being too old, but now I am dying before you."? That sounds like something a good sportsman would do.

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