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Freitag, Januar 01, 2010

We are already 2010, you are not (at least when I wrote this)

Hope you had some yummy food for the feast days like me. Not sure if I am so happy with that 80 NT haircut though, maybe go back to the 100 NT one.

BTW, the guy on the left is thinking: "Ups, he found my shoe lace in his soup." Or something like that.

Taipei is 7 hrs ahead of German time, very early going into 2010. So many people close to the building "101", Taiwan's World Trade Center, my wife was thinking how many Hot Dogs we could have been selling there if we were in Hot Dog business. 101 was formerly the world's highest building, but last year it said "Sony 2009" on New Year's eve. This year it says "2010 Taiwan up" and the fireworks is gigantic. Of course I just see it on TV in my house, too lazy to stand in the cold and eat Hot Dogs. Well, it's also cold in my house, we don't have heating. Damned, now I started the year complaining about Taiwan again. Happy New Year to all who stumble into this blog.

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...because of the link.

Yeah, so someone touched your cousin. Yeah, yeah. Was she ugly?

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