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Montag, Februar 23, 2009

The most tasteless T-shirt of the world

As you (3) long time readers may have noticed, this blog is called "Far East of Common Sense."
Well, there is a reason for this headline relating to my guest country.

On forumosa.com, the expat forum in Taiwan, there is a "the strangest T-shirt ever" thread, because in Taiwan nobody pays attention to the English writing on the T-shirts, which at times even have lines like "juicy puss..." you get the picture. And as parents can't read it and kids don't know it either, it may happen that a child is wearing a T-shirt with heavy sexual written content on it. I guess that disgruntled foreigners who get low pay and work for a Taiwan clothing company produce these texts on the shirts and then amuse themselves because nobody can read it.

Below is the most tasteless I ever saw in Taiwan. But be assured, I know the boy personally, he is perfectly fine, just nobody cares about the English on the shirt. That is quite the same like Western people wearing shirts with Chinese characters or even having tattoos and do not know what the text actually says. There are similar examples, like a tatoo round the backside of a lady stating ... things she would not like (examples somewhere on the forum mentioned above).

Anyway, here is the shirt. Anybody able to top this?

Excuse the poor quality of the photo. BTW, the shirt is worn by an 8y.o. boy. The text says something I do not repeat here, so see the larger version below. I do not want Google to find this text and link to my blog with it.

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