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Donnerstag, Februar 12, 2009

Crisis hits Taiwan

Now, there was this South Korean blogger somewhere mentioned in the news who had written that the financial crisis / recession will hit South Korea hard and then when it did, they arrested him and said it's all his fault. No joke, he made a prediction or two that didn't came true. Nevertheless I wouldn't say that one blogger caused all this, but I am probably far from understanding the Korean mind, still trying to get behind the mushroom men fertility cult .

So if I repeat now what was written online by EETIMES ASIA about sales drops, this would cause some excitement, the Taiwan economy would falter and yes, it would be my fault.

So forget what I said I am not telling you the rumors going round here as well, instead watch a nice picture...


You can navigate with the arrows.

So where were we, recession and all that jazz. Who cares actually.

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