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Donnerstag, Februar 05, 2009


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There are many misunderstandings between women and men. For example, on our recent Korea trip, my wife called me over to a bridge and said "here is something pretty for you to photograph". I immediately hit the camera button (see photo) and then my wife was wondering what I was doing. The landscape! That's what she meant.

BTW., Korean women look totally different to me than Taiwanese women. Seriously, we will get deeper into that matter later and, well, looking at the ladies from a different perspective.

Here is a female bear (again from that South Korean teddy museum on Jijo island) for those of you who got addicted to teddy bears. Maybe you should see a doctor about that. And no, I have no idea where that museum was or what ANY city on that island was called. Out of the bus, back into the bus, out of the bus, back...

NEXT Jijo island posting

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