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Donnerstag, Februar 19, 2009

Fake degrees, real fake ones ... I mean...

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No, this time I am not talking about the habit of the locals (German posting) here to assume someone has a Master degree in something when the person in question had only started to study a bit, this time I am talking real fake diplomas and certificates: LINK to Chinapost. No big deal, fake degrees exist everywhere, but what scared me in the article was that fake degrees had also been sold to healthcare professionals.

Because, some years ago I had a rash, I mean food allergy affecting skin. Now, there was the chief doctor of a department of a big hospital in Taipei who earnestly suggested to chop off parts of my ...
No, I am not telling you that but let me assure you, all is fine and nobody ever complained. Looks normal. Really. As it should be. All is well and functioning within specified parameters.

I always liked the nurses though
(photo from company server, when we still had photographers working here, sigh)

So it was a god damned rash and this idiot wanted to .... you get the picture. When I asked him to show me what he wants to cut off he couldn't find it. I mean he could find THAT, he just couldn't find what he wanted to cut off.

Diagnosing things which are not there and then wanting to use a knife to play doctor on my body is not exactly what I am fond of and when wife nagged me again and again to listen to the good "doctor" (professor actually) and have the operation, I got angry and shouted: "A Chinese with a sharp knife belongs in the kitchen and not on my..." You get the picture. Was totally racist and of course there are dozens of good Taiwanese doctor on every square inch of Taipei and of course even more in the heavenly kingdom of (real) China, no doubt here, but I do not regret having said that. It ended a dangerous discussion effectively. Now what do I do when I ever have an accident here (hear me knocking on wood). I might end up with Adam Fong, son of a noodle shop owner and a noodle shop cook by trade..... having a friend who has a print shop.

Do I exaggerate now? Probably. But then, there was this doctor who wanted to inflate my vocal cords .... Wife didn't get through with that either, she can marry Barry White or how is this guy called. And I also kept my long nose.


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