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Freitag, April 10, 2009

Taiwan parliament in fear of "jiggling breasts"

German below, Deutsch unten!


Taipei. Tailightzone. The unreal island of Formosa.
Taiwan is a island where things happen which are ... downright strange, hardly believable.

However, the brave politicians of the island of Formosa / Taiwan have spotted a big challenge towards the well-being of Taiwan's youth: "jiggling breasts".

Dear ladies and gentlemen who came across the ocean of bits and bites to read in this blog, you have the right to judge for yourself. I'd say they are not as gigantic as the Taiwan legislators make them, though they are not small. Not as big as a barn door, not as tiny as pin head...

http://jasonblog.tw/2009/01/killing-is-big-yaoyao-is-bigger.html : the corpus delicti

The ad (one of them): LINK

The enraged Taiwanese legislators (article of Taipei Times): HERE

Sigh, that's Taiwan (grin)

German, Deutsch:

Taiwans Parlamentarier machen sich Sorgen, dass vollbusige Damen in der Werbung die Jugend gefaehrden (schnarch). Man entscheide selbst anhand der Links, wie gross die Bedrohung ist. Und warum funktioniren meine Umlaute schon wieder nicht....?

http://jasonblog.tw/2009/01/killing-is-big-yaoyao-is-bigger.html : Corpus Delicti

Die Werbung: LINK

English: The enraged Taiwanese legislators (article of Taipei Times): HERE

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