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Mittwoch, April 22, 2009

Sensational discovery: origin of "dirty Taiwan" revealed

German below, Deutsch unten!

Taoyuan, Taiwan.
I was wondering frequently why Taiwan has so much rubbish flying around everywhere. When I am walking my dogs in some green areas I see some cars driving by, opening the doors and throwing their household garbage into the green fields. Police drives around occasionally and, guess what, they are critically eying me when I am walking my dogs. Yeah, yeah, guess I am a sight to see. Meanwhile, 200m behind, the silver Toyota drives off without his houshold garbage. The black and white police car doesn't follow him, rather they slowly follow every foodstep of me for a minute or so and then drive off into the night. They never eat donuts, shall I get into the donuts business? Good idea probably.

One time I took these photos of garbage mountains which suddendly appeared during two days close to a lake where I used to walk the dogs:

and somewhere else lots of tiny bits of garbage:

Probably a severe case of athlete's foot.

And somewhere else, another lake where I used to walk, lots of decaying trucks (LINK).

I thought "where does this come from?". We all know about Asian wisdom, living in harmony with nature and ying and yang (I think they work in purchase department in my company) and feng shui, buildings have to have the right direction towards magical lines to be in harmony with nature, so why the hell do the Taiwanese turn their country (at least the Nothern part where I live) into one great garbage dump?

Well, last night I found the answer, when looking at my little nephew's English textbook here in Taiwan:

Well, mission accomplished. Nothing further to be said.

[hey, you must nag about Taiwan again right, can't you post anything else than your usual drivel...? Always nagging about the garbage?]

Wait a moment, I only nag about trash hills above 1m size.

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German, Deutsch:

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Miriam hat gesagt…

Irre! Na, wir haben ja den grünen Punkt ... ;-) und verbuddeln gerne alles (z.B. radioaktiven Abfall und Tierkadaver in Asse. Ich musste als Teenie im Kunstunterricht eigentlich mal aus Müll eine Klamotte herstellen, die ich dann auch noch bei einer Modenschau vorführen sollte; ich muss gleich das typische ironisch-kritische Grinsen aufgesetzt haben,jedenfalls hieß es umgehend: "Miriam und Sie stellen Charlie Chaplin dar, aber bitte ganz in weiß, nur Schnurrbart und Stock dürfen schwarz sein..."

Anyun hat gesagt…

Das verstehe ich nicht, wenn soviel Müll illegal abgekippt wurde, dann ärgern bestimmt sich auch darauf die Nachbarschaft, müsste doch Jemand den Bürgermeister informieren, wenn immer nicht verbessern, dann wendet man sich an die Medien!

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