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Montag, April 06, 2009

Be a hobby police officer in Taiwan

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Walking in my neighbourhood can get on my nerves, as I am rather frequently the target of cars stopping next to me and people looking unfriendly at me when I walk my dogs, see HERE in German. Taiwanese don't walk their dogs, hardly at day time and surely not at night, they prefer to keep them on short chains. But this time it was a small Mazda 323, re-branded as a Ford here in Taiwan, looking cute with a customized black and white colouring. It even had fancy lights in blue and red on Top.

Image: Taiwan police trainee, these photos had leaked on Internet and press, see the whole collection HERE. I am repeating it once again, ALF was right with what he said about Taiwan, the people of Taiwan must be the happiest in the world and it must be the happiest and funniest country of all; it surely is.

So this little cute Mazda looking like a shrinked version of a US police car stopped next to me, the driver eyed me for a while and then drove away. If he would have bothered me I would have grabbed the little man and drag him to my house, 10 meters away where my wife could return his toy gun to him and then send him off with a pad on his back "now go playing with your siren". The gentlemen are not really police officers, they are neighbours who get to wear fancy uniforms and may dress up their cars as Taiwan police cars and then play neighbourhood watch, which is a nice thing actually. I am only envious, that's why I am nasty again. I mean, those guys share the police car and everyone gets to drive it around at night; it's parked close to our house. They don't get real guns though (I hope). The real trainees in the photo collections (see image) do have real guns however. Anyway, the local watchmen have a little house with the local community coat of arms on the door, park their little police car in front of it, meet with the real police men for some social gatherings and get to watch TV in there at night. I am plain envious, I want to play also! When my wife is in a bad mood, I would just love to sit in that hut and watch TV and smoke whatever they smoke with the guys .... (or we could drink instead, I am a non-smoker).

We wouldn't really do police work besides eying critically at guys walking dogs because all the guys driving without headlights around at night and being drunk would be our friends and neighbours.... (grin).

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