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Montag, Juni 07, 2010

Me, my younger inner brother

My company has those cool all-in-one flat panel PCs with touch screen, which were shown on the Computex fair here in Taipei. You can also use a real paint brush and then draw like an artist. We had a real Taiwanese artist there, a nice lady forcing me to stand still a long time (I am used to being commanded by my wife, so that was easy) and drawing this beautiful picture of me. Actually it is not really me, or as a passerby was saying "that's ten years younger". Hey, come on mate, I only looked so old because of those shoddy company uniforms! Okay, okay, I will one day finish this drawing, add a 5-o-clock shadow and some wrinkles and then that's really me.
Remind me to ask wife for her moisture cream tonight... have to look like my image.

EDIT: wait a minute, I look like that on my signature picture on top of the blog. That is only from 2004. That's only 6 years ago. Not 10! What has Taiwan done to me? (snicker)

EDIT2: OK, the nose and eye colour needs to be changed, the chin is a bit wrong and if we change hair and lips we may be just there. The eyebrows are quite good actually. Besides the shape that is.

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Dr. Z says:

Und vergiss nicht das Gesicht aufzupumpen!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Guckt der wirklich so glasig?