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Freitag, April 16, 2010

Oh I hate it when those *** eat stinky tofu at their table

We have a dining area, we have free food in the company, yet my colleagues here bring their own "stinky tofu"(LINK), a Taiwanese specialty which smells like someone has a problem with diarrhea on the toilet, to their desks and then eat it. I want to take them by the hair, stuff their faces into it and say "bad colleage-y***, don't poo on the table".
Would be impolite to do that to one of the 20-something skinny girls here around me in the office though. No wonder they are skinny if they are eating this crap.

And they love the smell. Taiwanese love everything which is loud and smelly. Actually it surprises me their god-damned stinky tofu is not crunchy, in that case they would have both at the same time, noise and poo smell.

Wait a minute, is that a business idea? Crunchy stinky tofu? Must discuss that with my wife...

***hey, I do have a dog rescue organization (stray-dogs.org), that kind of builds behavior

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Lu Er Fu sagt:
Ja, der stinkende Tofu. Ist aber wie Durian, Nori, Sauerkraut, Bier, Romadur....erst im Alter schmeckt's. S'gibt immer große Augen wenn der Ausländer den Tofu kauft....und dann gleich ein paar Brocken auf der Hand isst.
Aber insgesamt ist das TW-Essen ja nicht gerade der Bringer, oder? Schon alleine die wunderbar anzusehenden Bratwürste....wenn sie nur nicht verzuckert wären. Deshalb halt ich mich in TW meistens an's Japanische