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Dienstag, Januar 26, 2010


My workplace. That's what I call a full cubical. How can I ever leave here when they give me so many computers to play with, sigh...

That was eight computers, six of them forming a diskless Linux cluster (well, almost diskless, the server has a hard disk of course). That reminds me, I was once in a dot-com bubble tea company in Germania where one of the general managers was jealous because he saw three computers in my office and consequently he wanted to take away one or two. Three! Three! That's hardly enough to read email! Now I could have explained that there is such thing as servers and clients and analysis of technical problem may require a fresh system and cannot have my work computer as a client, but I didn't. I just rearranged them in a way he couldn't see two of them any more.
Or I could have explained to him that I am taking care of our focus product regarding Q&A and also within the Product Management team and that the company desperately needed money, which you get from good and stable products. But.... ah well.... just moving the systems behind that trolley did the trick :-)
Here in Taiwan, they have lotsa computers!!!

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