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Freitag, Januar 22, 2010

Thunder generator; ready for the market in Taiwan

Soon unemployed? Municipal silence reduction task force (and now everybody: WOOOOAAAA EYE KNEE!!! -hop, hop)

An Israel company has made a "thunder canon", which is supposed to make so much noise it scares people away. It could kill also, the German SPIEGEL-Online article suggests (http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/technik/0,1518,672999,00.html-German). Well, I have lived in Taiwanese apartment blocks and the noise level there was similar to that of a starting jet fighter. So I am thinking this might be just the thing for Taiwanese villages. I mean it is so quiet in little villages, people actually have to hammer at 5.00am on Sunday morning just to get some desperately needed noise or have to sing Karaoke the whole day long (in summer with open windows, let others enjoy also). However with the thunder canon it would be much less work to produce pointless noise and, being another benefit, the machine also stinks, as it uses butane and propane gas. Add a little "stinky-dofu" smell and the villagers would be dancing happily around it. No not really. They don't walk or use their feet here in Taiwan, so they would rather ride around it with their scooters, grinning happily.
Sawaddi Taiwan! Ah no, that was Thailand. "Naruwan Taiwan" is what we are supposed to say here as a greeting said our last president, but he is in jail now. Hmmm.... thunder canon, walls, Jericho...

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