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Donnerstag, Januar 22, 2009

Fire them foreigners! (Update)

Taiwan street dog rescue ( )

Foreign bears are different from other bears and everything is their fault.

Looks like Taiwan has now a "fire them foreigners" law initiative.
And they even pay 10 000 Taiwandollars a month for each foreigner being fired if he or she gets replaced by a local. Yeah! Taiwan to the Taiwanese.

Not sure if they only mean foreign laborers (blue collar workers usually from Philippines and other SE Asian countries which are called "wailao" here, whereas we white collar workers from Western countries are called "laowai", the latter meaning something like "boss/chief/respected guy from outside" with a strong funny and ironic sub context. But as laowai are respected, "wailao" turns it upside down, wailao are extremely disrespected in Taiwan.

Companies "should" lay off foreigers first before laying off Taiwanese, the law says.
Hurray! Bratwurst here I come...

[ah ... I guess the colleages feeding me with cookies will tell the management not to do it, sniff...]

BTW, the bears recently appearing are from a Teddy Bear museum in South Korea, Jijo (Jiyeou or other spellings exist as well) island. Photos by Ludigel.
They are dedicated to my occasional reader Luo Yuo :-)

"Taiwan should look to HongKong", an article stating why attracting foreign workforce to Taiwan doesn't really work right now [LINK] , fitting to my similar article (focusing more on the quality of life) which can be found HERE . It has to be noted, the situation criticized in the "HongKong" article above has actually worsened recently, see my article on the strange taxation against foreigners (HERE) .

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StefanMuc hat gesagt…

Not to dimish your teddy bear photography, but personally I have a slight preference for your "hot taiwanese ladies" series. Just saying. ;-)