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Donnerstag, Juli 01, 2010

You look like Tom Cruise...

Really you do! Trust me.

Western male foreigners in Taiwan almost always get the "You look like Tom Cruise" routine, if they somehow are the white Caucasian type. Probably because to Taiwanese people who see only few foreigners, all white males look the same at first. A similar phenomena is surely known from home, I remember older Germans, back in the days when there were fewer foreigners in Germany (70s or so) to say "all Asians look alike" or stuff like that. There is a biological explanation to it: if you see one person having bushy eyebrows and being bald you will probably not remember much else of his face, because our brain is lazy and focuses on the most important distinguishable features. Seeing another bald guy a week later with bushy eyebrows makes you think they look alike, even though they most likely look totally different. However if you see bushy eyebrowed bald people every day, you will start to look for other discriminating features.

So I tend to roll my eyes to the ceiling when I hear this. Anyway, my new movie sucks, doesn't it?

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