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Montag, März 02, 2009

TV tip, Women in Red

"Little red riding hoods black sabbath": photo: Ludigel, click to enlarge

As the motto of this week is "women in red" I was stunned really to find something to write with respect to this, when watching my load of TV this weekend.
My absolute tip regarding new TV shows is "The legend of the seeker", which is an adaptions of Terry Goodkinds "The Sword of Truth" books. I really like the TV version, to the point of feeling my right (dice) hand itch, as I had been a passionate fantasy roleplay player, even inventing our own game system together with a friend and the participation of many others.
Well, now I am on the rock of Taiwan and no more dices. The books however had a very disturbing part, not really fitting into the mainstream-fantasy story in a world of sorcerers and heroes, an extremely long disturbing part and going through it wasn't easy. It is this Mord Sith cult, which consists of very BDSM-mistress like cruel women clad in red and black leather who torture pure men with their "pain sticks" and the red leather is to hide the blood stains during torture. Goodkind makes this whole thing a strange pure-BDSM like episode in this books where the women in questions humilates our formerly sword-wielding hero into becoming a boot-licking ... softie. I almost threw the book into a corner at some point, too much of that stuff and I am not really into that.
The TV-adoption however made this more easy-going, the sexual part and love affair stuff is only sketched. I found the end of the episode disappointing though. Because in the books, our hero could finally free himself of the beast by loving her, only this empowered him to use his magic again (the lady controlled the magic of his sword) to finally ... stab her. Stab her with love. Put a greeting into it from me. No seriously, this was a nice and poetic ending of the story. TV version had her stabbed rather quickly and off he goes to new sword fights.

Now why does all this sound like some real life stuff. "She controlled the magic of his sword", isn't that what women do? Never mind, look at the pic instead, it is from a Mongol-warrior performance during my Korea vacation. Never knew the Monglos had little red riding hood though...

EDIT: I should watch less TV. Probably it's not healthy.

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