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Freitag, März 13, 2009

also nice stuff here

Besides my frequent Taiwan rants, there is also nice stuff here.
Like my dogs running away at the beach and searching trough peoples underwear in bags searching for food. The people (families, younger women) only smile at me even if my dogs almost made them fall. Germans would have called police or at least threaten me with it.

Neighbours right hand side are real nice, big family with many kids, one child tries to talk English to me occasionally liking the dogs. Neighbours left hand side are not bad either, I am starting to like them once they started to take their Karaoke a notch down. But with coming summer, I might nag about them again.

The ex-farmer family who owns the surrounding territory are a friendly helpful bunch also. Usually I do not write about that as I take it for granted.

Would Germans be so nice to, say, an Afroamerican or African in the neighbourhood (I am a German whitebread but I must seem similar exotic to them as an African to Germans)? I guess not!

So, duty done. No wait, colleagues are nice also, not much fighting in offices and people feed me with candy. Girls wear mini skirts and high heels, sometimes distracting from work, but I can live with that (cough). Oh.... that is what I like about Taiwan, I come tired into the office and pretty girls smile at me. Wait.... or didn't I close my zip...???

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