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Donnerstag, Juni 21, 2007

I have tried

God knows I have tried to write about something else than food, miniskirts or magic in Taiwan. Let's call this the Miniskirt Magic Menu blog (MMM), I give up. Seriously, I have opened the CHINA POST newspaper (it's from Taiwan, not from PR China...) to find some serious Taiwan news, but what came out of it:

1. All over Asia (though Taiwan was not mentioned) the food is posisoned. 70% of all noodle factories in Vietnam hat formaldehyde in them, a preservative in use to embald dead bodies. Food from mainland China (PR China) raises large concerns regarding poisoning (heavy metals in manure), as it was seen in the recent scandal about poisoned dog food in US (coming from PR China). And a German magazine (Spiegel) mentioned, food-additives (Vitamins, taste enhancer) can only be bought from China in larger quantities - world wide.
In politics, the candidate of the oppositional KMT party in Taiwan wants to build literal bridges to the Chinese mainland (between mainland and the small islands belonging to Taiwan) and seems well on his way to prepare Taiwan for a union with mainland China. Goodbye sovereign democrativ Taiwan, hello Hong-Kong-No. 2!

Come on, that is all too scary stuff. So I quickly clicked on the company server and checked out the photos from the recent COMPUTEX fair here in Taipei.
See, she is wearing pants, no miniskirt.

Case closed.

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Luo2 You1 hat gesagt…

Aha, die Passado-Bugs geben Blogspot einen Vorteil. P.S. Posten geht, wenn man über den eigen Blog reingeht und nicht über die einzelnen Beiträge. Hen qi guai, was die da machen. --- Zum Thema: Unterstützt voll die These: Vergiss die englischen Zeitungen in TW, guck Dir die Bilder in den chinesischen an. Und die "company shortscuts" gelten auch für Pants, nicht nur für Miniröckchen. Löblich :-)