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Montag, Mai 29, 2006

Jesus lives! He preaches in Taiwan

Just look at this photo which I had taken in Nanto, Taiwan. Doesn't it look like in one of those Jesus movies where people are standing on hills to hear his speach, and he is preaching down in the valley? And the wheelchair is proving a miracle healing which just had happened.

But actually it is not Jesus down there, but a guy showing sheep (!) to the public. Sheep, as in pullover. They even had an imported New Zealand sheep shaver (or however this is called). He was showing the mystical animals to the astonished citizens of the Taiwan capital Taipei, who hardly ever get to see real animals in their live. Well, apart from them being in a soup bowl or so.
They also have such a wonder park for cows, with larger-than-life cow statues.

Wife was eating a goat ice. I convinced her to throw it away. And when she gave it to me for disposal ... I quickly ate it. He he he...

Larger-than-life sheep statues, not typhoon-proof

Rainbow from hotel window.

Photos: from Nanto, Taiwan. By Ludigel, all rights reserved.

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