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Freitag, Mai 05, 2006

Denmark in Taiwan

Well, a bit California maybe. What I dislike about Taiwan is the ability of people here to make the landscape and especially the cities look shabby and dirty. Take a nice valley, put in a few 4-storey houses, simple and square as if drawn by a child and paint them white. Attach metal fences, ugly ones of course. Then wait 20 years and DO NOT MAINTAIN the houses, otherwise you will never get that shabby grey dirty Taiwan look.
Do not forget to park 20 scooters on the sidewalk, if there is any, open up an eatery and discard your food waste into the sewers, which will give this nice rotten smell to the neighbourhood. Do not forget to staple all that waste in front of your house which derves to be thrown away for 20 years...

So I became quite desperate to look for a house in a nice environment... I almost gave up ... and then I found an area looking like a suburb in Denmark behind the German tourist lines.

Clean, almost sterile, police cars on patrol and most houses behind security gates. But it is clean and quiet, lots of parks, green tea fields and singing birds instead of noisy stinking scooters. I loved it.

But so far we only found one house there, small but neat, but it does not have a security guard on duty for the area. And that might be too dangerous, as the whole area will attract thieves who consequently will avoid the security guarded houses and thus come to .... us.

I will tell you where it is only if I do NOT move there. Otherwise I want my peace in this secret heaven and no sandal-wearing English teachers moving around..... (grin).
Well OK, it is Longtan area ...

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