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Freitag, Mai 19, 2006

Happy Christmas from 95

Happy Peppy in the year 95! Taiwan here has its own time, it is the year 95. Because in 1911 the Kuamintang party had founded the Republic of China, following the emperial China and being a state ruling large parts of the country until 1949. In 49, the commies had chased away the Kuamintang and Chiang Kai Check had altered the Republic's location and relocated it to the island Formosa.
That is a bit as if Bush would abandon the United States, relocate them to Hawaii and leave the mainland to .... dunno, are there commies in US today?

And in the company restaurant they were serving hot fruit tea today. Like everyday they had Christmas decoration, so I felt a bit like X'mas. Christmas is very popular here all year, but just a normal work day...

(image gone)

Though the food here sometimes makes me think, I will never make it into 96. Just take a look what my wife had on her plate recently in a Japanese restaurant? Eat it or bury it?

Anyway, she did just slit open the belly of that thing and subsequently ate my lamb chops. Or they were here lamb chops but she gave them to me and then took them back.

My lamp on stick was actually woold with lamb coating, so I left the japanese restaurant rather hungry.

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