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Freitag, November 16, 2007

R and L Blues

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Oh this goddamned R and L stuff here in Taiwan.

My colleague urgently needed to talk to a guy called “Blues” to find out about things.

I tell him to go to “Bruce”, because “Bruce” pronounces his name as “Bluce” (speaks it exactly like “Blues”). But he doesn’t need to go to “Bruce” but instead to “Blues”. We have both guys in the company, Blues and Bruce. Colleagues pronounce both names as “Blues”.

Me: Did you talk to Bruce?

Colleague: Yes, I talked to Blues. But he doesn’t know anything.

Me: But Bruce should no. Damned, or is it “Blues” who knows this stuff?

Collegue: “Blues or Blues?” But I HAVE talked to Blues…

Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrg (in Taiwanese: aaaaaayooooooooooooo)

By the way, he is called “Blues Lee“, that’s sweet ;-)

This can leally give you the Blues. And now picture my last company, where there was a guy who called himself “Blues” (the thought that’s “Blues Splingsteen”), but he wrote it as “Blouse” as in the lady’s garment. He was terribly offended when I pronounced his name as “blouse”. Who has heard of Blouse Springsteen?

Now don’t think this is a racial post or something. This Bruce and Blues thing can may you confused and it’s early morning alright?

This is not Blues and she doesn't even have a blouse...

photo from colleague, see his page HERE

And they call me “Ludigel” here. I managed to get the “Lu Yud Sow” (which is “pig foot” in Chinese) of the list at least J

P.S: the out-of-office messages here always scare me in company email.

“HITLER is out of the office today”. I thought “And I hope he damned well stays out of it!”. But they I looked more closely, it was “Hitter”, not “Hitler”. I hope it’s not just a typo (brrrrrr).

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