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Montag, Oktober 08, 2007

Friske Fiske (fresh fish)

(German below, Deutsch unten!)


Coming to Denmark, I always enjoyed the fish fillet with a lot of Fench Fries (for US-Americans: Freedom Fries, I salute the Land of the Free - LoF [sound of Prussian heals clicking together]), but coming to Taiwan, the fish even got fresher. That's why I borrowed the Danish title (and I am Made in Denmark as well).

The photos in this blog had been taken by me in 2004, in the little park right-hand-side of the National Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, which hosts the treasures of the Chinese Emperors, by the way. No, these treasures are not (anymore) in Peking, they are in Taipei as of 1949.
The fishes in the photos are Japanese, I have been told, people call them "Kö-Karpfen" in German, at least that's what it sounds like. So they are carps. Which is why the first reaction of my mother in law on visiting the park was to lick her lips and bubble out recipes how to cook them.
You can hand-feed them. But don't fall into the water; the killer-carps of Taipei would surely dismember you!

Unstoppable if you show some bread crumbs to them. Almost as bad the beach merchants on Cuba... Well, the latter were not going after bread crumbs however...

I wonder, is there anything like FishPhobia ???

Click to enlarge and save as DESKTOP BACKGROUND IMAGE.

I call this picture the "Bundesfish", as he has the federal colours black, red and gold of Germany. Should replace our eagle in my point of view and would give a nice Jesus-like ring to it...
The pic has been altered though. I find the unaltered original even more pleasing and use it as a desktop picture...

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If you are interested, you can consider to download this image as a desktop background, I uploaded it quite large.

Fish fish fish

Surprisingly they don't swallow the swan...

Frigate CNS Swan and submarines....

DEUTSCH (German):
Obige Bilder zeigen einen Park gleich rechter Hand neben dem Nationalen Palastmuseum in Taipei. In diesem Museum ist der Schatz der chinesischen Kaiser aus Peking zu sehen. Weil die Festlandchinesen im Kriegsfall wohl kaum ihren eigenen Kaiserschatz wegsprengen würden, gilt die direkt gegenüber liegende teure Wohnanlage auch als beste Wohnadresse Taipeis, wenn man es bezahlen kann.

Die Fische, Kökarpfen (wie immer man das schreibt) und aus Japan stammend, haben jedenfalls meiner Schwiegermutter das Wasser im Munde zusammenlaufen lassen. Gierige Biester. Die Fische, nicht die Schwiegermutter.

Die beiden mit CLICK TO ENLARGE versehenen Bilder vom Silberfisch sind recht groß auf dem Server in meinem Orginalblog (www.globalforeigner.com und auf Blog klicken), so dass sie sich auch als Desktopbild eignen. Für Angler oder so :-) Ob das bei der Passadoreproduktion des Blogs auch klappt weiß ich nicht, Klick aufs Bild vergrößert jedenfalls.

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