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Mittwoch, Januar 16, 2008

Unpleasantries in Germany

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Looking into the German online magazine Spiegel.de I am greeted with the faces of "gangsta rappers" of Arabian origin living in Germany who are part of Arabian family clans making a living with prostitution, drugs and discos, as the article states. http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/musik/0,1518,528782,00.html (German)
I also can read about young immigrants beating people almost to their death in public transport. The reaction of the politicians is divided into two fractions: Conservatives like the Hessian prime minister Koch are using that for a general campaign against all foreigners, which includes the vast majority of peaceful immigrants and even permanent residents, whereas the rather left-wing politicians are bashing everyone who talks about deporting foreign criminals. If you request such action, you are easily blamed a "Nazi" in Germany.
Both political fractions share one thing: they only want to use the violent foreigner fraction for their propaganda, nobody wants to employ any kind of solution.

The view from Taiwan makes this look strange. If a foreigner makes "trouble" here, he easily gets in jail and then deported. A gangsta rapper would be deported after his first MTV video, so to speak, as "a bad example for young people". It has happened to an Afroamerican bisexual DJ shortly ago. Taiwan certainly has an overreaction there, but why does Germany respect criminal foreigners to the extend of tolerating messages of violence and the actual crimes committed by their Mafia-like organizations?

When I was living in Germany I was twice harassed at a gas station in Darmstadt, Hessen. Once by a gang of Arabian-looking gentlemen who insisted I should climb into their car to help them fix it. When I said no, they came closer and closer until I got myself into defense position with a bottle of red wine. A tactical subroutine in my brain planned on taking the first guy out with it and then use the sharp remains for the rest of the group. They retreated.

A few weeks later I was bothered by a group of German skinheads. Obviously Germany can't deport their own skinheads, but kicking out the foreigner gang would have reduced my trouble by 50%.
That's what I mean when I say a rich country like Germany has a right to have its OWN rate of criminals. If you don't deport foreign criminals, you will end up with not only your own local criminals, but also the criminals of surrounding purer (or more violent) nations.

I make sure to have a bottle of good wine at hand when I go home on vacation...

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