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Montag, Juli 02, 2007

HongKong and Taiwan. Und Beulen.

HONG KONG and TAIWAN: The Taipei Times has a fabolous picture in her print edition from Sunday from the 10-year-back-in-China celebration taking place in Hong Kong these days. It shows a pro-democracy protester waving the flag of the Republic of China, Taiwan, in front of police. Unfortunately the online edition does not show this picture, here is an online link.
Democracy for HongKong or even for the whole of China is as much realistic presently as a the pope becoming a protestant is, however it is sad in my point of view that THE FIRST CHINESE DEMOCRATIC STATE EVER is simply forgotten by the international community.
Taiwan, formally called the Republic of China, an independant and souvereign country, even if only recognized by 24 other nations and not allowed membership in the UN, is the first parliamentarian democray in the whole of 5000 years Chinese history.
European politicians tend to forget that. The word of the former German chancelor (chief of governement) Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) is still ringing in my ears. He would fully agree with the Peoples republic of China regarding its opinion on Taiwan, that is what he said. Well, he works for Putin now, so let his political stance rest in peace, but I wonder where the limit in his agreement was: it has to be noted that almost 1000 Chinese nukes are targeting Taiwan; number increasing almost daily.

FALUN GONG: In reality, Hong Kong has to fulfill the (PR) China's demands for a less democratic treatment of people and their divergent opinions. These days, Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners were denied entry into the former crown colony: see here.
It has to be noted, Falun Gong practitioners in the PR China are submitted to cruel surpression, there are frequent and well-proven accounts of torture and murder of Falun Gong members in China.

CHINESE PRODUCTS: Taipeitimes is summarizing a totally different "Chinese threat" today coming from the mainland. No nukes, but poisoned products, some counterfeits some just ... very bad. The article "Poisionous trail leads right back to China"
mentions dangerous toothpaste (toxic substances), poisoned pet food and states, 25% of all deaths in the PR China would be realted to respiratory problems coming from extreme pollution in China. Ah yes, and the SARS disease, which has claimed many death in Asia, is suspected to be caused by a human genom change, triggered by .... pollution. The change made humans vulnerable against an animal disease.

Enough of China for now. And remind me to delete this blog if Taiwan ever reunites with the big mainland

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