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Montag, März 29, 2010

SUVs buring a hole into the ozone layer!


Having stricter emission standards for cars in Taiwan, as it is seemingly planned, is surely a good thing. However the sentence about wanting to raise tax for SUVs is angering me once again. Well, I am a SUV driver. But my 2000 ccm front wheel drive SUV is practical on Taiwan's bumpy country roads. And it uses about 10 liters gas per 100 km and I drive it with about 110 or 120 km/h on the freeways. Now why am I the bad guy regarding pollution and not those countless drivers of really big imported sedans, S350 or so who speed at 150 km/h on the freeway (limit is 100 or 110 km/h) and who use 15 liters or more with their 3500 ccm engines? Not very logical the whole thing.

2000 ccm Nissan SUV from 2005 = bad for the environment

3500 ccm Benz sedan (oversized, 50% more weight than my car) from 1998 = good for the environment.

Background: Truck with malfunctioning breaks and blue fume cloud, good for the environment.
Foreground: 2WD SUV, bad for the environment. Here the incarnation of evil is getting new breaks - and brighter headlights to pay back to the locals

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