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Freitag, März 19, 2010

Taiwan wants you to make babies!

That was the slogan for the new year party this year. Not too bad actually...
Image from the company server (have changed it a bit :-)
Taiwan up: http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/local/taipei/2010/01/04/239180/Taiwan-remains.htm

OK, Taiwan has the lowest birth rate on the planet, I can understand that, all we do here is to sit in the office, stand in jammed traffic, eat and sleep and the guys around me don't recognize a mini skirt when it hits them its hem in the face, but... maybe a catchy slogan can change all that. Because the Taiwan government will give an award of 1.000.000 Taiwan dollars to the person coming up with a catchy slogan which encourages "everyone" to have babies.


So far Taiwan's foreign community has a bunch of suggestions (http://forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=86768), cynical as usual, among them

The world needs more Chinese people

Fuck, Taiwan

and something like

While you are waiting for your white knight... shag someone in blue sandals

I personally think the middle one is rather creative as it is not the usual wording which foreigners occasionally use to curse their hospitable guest country (that would be without the comma) but is actually a variation of it.

So if you need money, what about coming up with something? Crude English will do, that's what the guys in the government can understand best.

Hmmm, what about:

Stop letting the stray dogs breed. Go for it yourself!

Or maybe

The males are those who don't use so much makeup

Well, they do wear pink shirts and Hello Kitty stickers on their scooter helmets, so maybe it is a problem of finding them...

So, any better suggestions?

What about "yes, we can"?

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