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Freitag, März 19, 2010

Formosa betrayed

My favorite movie review site is rogerebert.com and recently Roger Ebert has also reviewed the movie "Formosa Betrayed" which deals with our beloved little island called Formosa or Taiwan or (speaking of the political organization) you might call it "Republic of China" or "ROC" or "The Roc*k" or whatever.

The movie takes places in the 80's, when Taiwan was still a dictatorship under rule of the KMT party and Chiang Kai Shek's son Chiang Shin Kuo (no idea if the spelling is correct) was at the steering wheel. He gets worshiped as some kind of freedom hero here in Northern Taiwan nowadays, where people follow the KMT with great majority. All he did was to make it a little more difficult to get into the jails and Gulags and a little easier to get out. Well, that's something, isn't it? He was married to a Russian lady and when she died recently (little Chiang is long dead) some people here were crying!

Deadly affairs in the presidential palace: Formosa betrayed (this is not from the movie though:-)

Well, even though the little dictator's son may have been a hero there was a quite gruesome story on which this movie is based: An exile Taiwanese living in the US had reported (newspaper?) about an extra-martial affair of the President Chiang Jr. and consequently he was murdered by thugs sent over from Taiwan. I don't know what the movie exactly says about this story, but Mr. Ebert calls it a "thriller with a mission" and doesn't rate it too high. He is asking one interesting question at the end of his review:

Why did we promise to defend Taiwan with nuclear weapons but refuse to recognize it as a sovereign nation?

Well, movies like this are interesting even if you don't watch them just because they lead to such questions.

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