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Donnerstag, März 04, 2010

Gaia, are you finished now?

That was a real long one. Mother earth shaking her thing long and hard. Ceiling in the office starts to make noise and then this glass room separator on the ceiling (like those in the corridors in the old Star Trek episodes) started to shake. Quite a few quakes recently. Gaia, can I take my shoes off again? OK, xie xie.

BTW, spare me when you want to snuff out the locals. I don't litter (well, that tissue on Monday was biologically decomposable) and I would have bought a car with a catalytic converter if Nissan had offered one. I also don't root out any green areas like the locals. Like that estate agent telling me, "don't worry about the green terrain next to the house [I was interested to buy], this will be erased soon. "Woooow, thank you Mr. Concrete, that's lovely to know." Yeah, mean bastards the locals, I know, but now calm down and stop shaking. Womenfolk, once they get started...

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