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Mittwoch, März 17, 2010

Loyality to the party! Well, which one?

A funny story, as CHINASMACK reports (http://www.chinasmack.com/stories/loyalty-to-the-party-balloon-lands-in-taiwan/) , a propaganda balloon from the "People's" Republic of China has flown over the Taiwan strait into Taiwan and landed on a factory building, proclaiming the strange writing:

“Loyalty to the Party, Loyalty to the people"

with simplified Chinese characters as they are in use in China, but not in Taiwan. Construction vehicles had to be called to take the unwanted one-party-system propaganda down. Taiwan has several parties and it would not be entirely clear which party would require the loyalty in this strange writing.

"A strange party, from far away which sends propaganda balloons instead of being elected" might be an answer.

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Snickers und Catweazle hat gesagt…

Unfassbar... :-D

Wir sehen schon wie jmd. beim nächsten Ehekrach den (Voll-)Pfosten des "Schnäppchens" durchsägt und dem Erdbeben und den Termiten zuvorkommt... ;-)