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Mittwoch, März 31, 2010

Making movies in Taipei

Taipei, Jonghe in Taiwan. You need to get benefits to make a movie here.

Taipei offers perks for movie crews to encourage movie making in the city. I personally think it is a great idea to make a movie here. Not only can you have lots of short-skirted gals in the film (there's even one in the "come to make a movie" PR team), you can also have this Armageddon feeling without much cost if you simply use the wrecked living quarters of the (not so poor) locals. Personally I recommend a Zombie movie, I almost have written one already (in German: http://bobhonest.blogspot.com/2009/07/klub-der-toten-lehrer-teaching-dead.html), I called it "The Teaching Dead", we didn't have that in the series yet, right? It's depicting the anyway brain-dead existence of English teachers in Taiwan, teaching little kids and then you have the locals spitting out dark-red slime (no, that's not Zombies spitting out blood but rather truck drivers spitting out betlenut juice), lots of car accidents (well, just film as they happen on the street, can save on budget here) and all that stuff.

"Zombie movie? Great, my husband can join the cast"

The longer I am in Taiwan the more I like Zombie movies. Just think if you were stuck in an elevator just when the Zombie outbreak happens! Well, for me that happens all the time, though it's not them really turning into Zombies but rather starting to fart and burp in my face... Not much better if you ask me.


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