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Donnerstag, März 25, 2010

Russian bomber in Taiwan airspace


OK, so Tuesday a Russian strategic bomber entered Taiwanese airspace, Taiwan air control made radio contact, the Russian plane left the airspace immediately heading for Okinawa to bother the Japanese instead and I think it's just fine. Now the opposition makes a fuzz about it, but I think, hey, why not handle an incident like this. Don't get Taiwanese fighters up first, don't let people who stumble over their own two feet everyday (keyword: slippers) and drive their Toyotas like it's Armageddon face a foreign aircraft with armed weapons. I guess two Taiwanese fighters confronting a Russian bomber would have ended with the two Taiwanese crashing, firing their ammunition on a fishing vessel and then both would have been rescued by the Japanese, while the drunk Russian pilot is burping on the radio. Was much more elegant to solve it with a bit of radio contact, don't you think?

Sorry, just made my way through Taiwanese morning traffic. They shouldn't try what they did to me with a Russian aircraft.

OK, Ludigel's Formosa blog now has retrieved the top secret radio protocol. Here it is:

Taiwan: Mayday, mayday, ni shi shei?

Russian bomber: Whjat the fjuck? Whjo are you?

Taiwan: Hi hi hi hi, GaoFang come here, this is so funny...

Russia: Whjo are you mjaniacs?

Taiwan: hi hi hi hi waiguoren*, hi hi hi waiguoren, ta ting budong

Russia: Njow speak prjoperly or I get my weapons online!

Taiwan: Zende, zende, waiguoren! Hello! Hello! Where are you from?

Russia: Russia

Taiwan (speaker 1): Meiguoren?

Taiwan (speaker 2): ...Can you teach my kids English?

Strangely, the radio transmission was suddendly cut off at this point and the Russian craft made a quick retreat at this point. Its blip looked damned scared as hell on the radar screen we were told.


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