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Donnerstag, Februar 11, 2010

Locals got me again

Last night. Driving home from work in Chinese New Year traffic. Lots of people driving like drunk, everybody aggressive, accidents, stalled traffic. Ambulance from behind, I sway a bit to the left hand side to let it pass. Seconds later all traffic from behind joins the ambulance and everybody from my lane passes me by on the right hand side and I am stuck in the middle of the road as the left lane cars pass me by on the left side and the right lane cars pass me by on the right hand side (using partially the scooter lane). Ah well.... Learned my lesson. Don't let ambulances pass by. Kind of low on my priority list from now on in Taiwan. Getting back in traffic took me 2 minutes or so and was pretty dangerous. Doesn't help if I let Welli Hung Lee, who swallowed his chop sticks in a drunken state, go to hospital quickly and then become the next victim myself. Solly Adam...

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Miriam hat gesagt…

Greetings to S. Get well soon! Hope everything will be allright. The weather is getting better here. Hoping to make a trip with Ekneos in his car soon. Mercedes seems to use good breaks in the SLK. Found this funny video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p31YK03J-E&NR=1