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Mittwoch, Februar 10, 2010

Where else but Taiwan...

What did you say? Tourists? Here?***

Taiwan advertises itself for tourism in Britain: http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/t-business/2010/02/08/244132/Taiwan-launches.htm. The slogan goes "where else but Taiwan". However, Taiwan is no tourism country. I have seen hotels here with an Elvis imitator singing 8 hours the same 5 songs at insane noise levels, beaches with litter and dirt and a fence locked the whole beach off. People in beautiful mountain resorts did not speak any English but rather gave me a wide-mouthed grin "hihihihi look at that foreigner, hihihi". So I hope nobody really pays attention to the ads, they are the usual Taiwan bogus of starting something without really thinking things through. Better buy a Notebook instead or a PC, for example from Taiwan's big brands Acer, Asus oder MSI (or even from other brands) those are (usually) designed in Taiwan and made in China and you are much better off spending your money on that.

Ludigel's home town 20 min from the "beach" in Taiwan. Enough as a tourist attraction? Come on, we can add "sur mer" to the town's name...

At night our village high street gets a bit of sub tropical charm. Cough.

Food in the food stalls is good, and you do have a little Mandarin Chinese ready to order, right? I like cruising the high street with my wife's Chinese "order" on a piece of paper and buying the food from the stalls, quite nice actually. Somehow this place has become some kind of home. Sort of.

*** a dog from our stray-dog rescue stray-dogs.org, the "executive arm" of this blog. He is already re-homed in Canada now.

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