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Dienstag, Februar 23, 2010

Vacation in Taiwan

However, some people find reasons to visit the Computex computer fair in Taipei.

Even back home in Germany I saw an ad about making vacation in Taiwan. "Taiwan will touch your heart". As I said before, the doctor in Taiwan once warned me about that when I had a bit of a circulation breakdown because of smog and humidity in combination after coming to Taiwan in 2004. "Mind your heart if this continues" he said. So, with dirty beaches with chopped-off palm trees and roads practically at the seaside without much of a gap towards the beach, beautiful mountain hotels with giggling staff (if you don't speak Mandarin Chinese), scenic mountain towns with insane traffic almost killing you on the only road in town when you want to reach the supermarket (no traffic light, no pedestrian bridge), I guess "vacation in Taiwan" is something like...

10. Going to the dentist because having your mouse rinsed and spitting out blood is fun.

09. Finally kissing your childhood movie idol on the mouth in 2010. Who was 40 when you were 8.

08. Touching a door handle and wondering why it has fur on it [well you can do that in Taiwan]. Well, the fur is ... biological.

07. Finding out it really was smell from the sewers and not a "stinky Tofu" booth this time when you finally took a deep breath to overcome your "stinky Tofu" fear [OK, Taiwan again]

06. Wondering why that aggressive mouse-sized bug is going directly for your big toe [ah wait, Taiwan again]

05. Finding grandma Lee's lost needle in Lee's "Mandarin King" restaurant while eating soft pork balls.

04. Finding out this is not a giant toy spider

03. Wondering if that 50 km/h scooter on the small side walk with slippery tiles can still stop within the 5 meters distance you have when leaving your house [ah wait, Taiwan....]

[to be continued]

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