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Montag, Februar 08, 2010

Taiwan being steered towards China, next step (judical system)

The China-friendly KMT party, which rules Taiwan since 2008, is taking another step in changing Taiwan's (formerly rather Western style democratic) system to make it more China-compatible. New laws in Taiwan will put defense attorneys in a dangerous position. As in China as well, Taiwanese attorneys are will be "with one foot already in jail" if the new proposals for adjustments to the criminal code of Taiwan will become law. See here: http://www.usasialaw.org/?p=2630
One example: if a defendant claims his pre-trial testimonial would have been coerced by the police and the court subsequently rejects it, then his attorney(!) can see jail time for "obstruction of justice". And there are many more opportunities to charge the attorney with obstruction of justice. Guilty as charged will be the new rule of thumb in Taiwan soon.

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