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Mittwoch, September 16, 2009

That feeling starts in my toes...

No I don't have gout. I am talking about those loud cell phones which blast out music like a ghetto blaster we had in the school yard in the 80s, but without the bass. "Let me be your lover, let me be your lover, let me be your lover, let...", I can see that writing texts for songs is not as challenging as it used to be and it's damned early for that anyway at my first morning coffee in the company.
Oh and I hate another cell phone. Always at lunch break, when it's dark and people are sleeping here at their desks, one phone starts singing something about missing her boyfriend and loving him so much, the singer moans like a cat and then continues "That feeling starts in my toes and...."

And then what? Then the whole melody starts from the beginning after it cuts off in the middle of the sentence. Starts in toes and then goes where? Knees? What next? Come one, I need the details.....
[Really, if you never ever get to hear the end...]


Anonym hat gesagt…

vergiss das mit dem Fusspilz
(oder wo die von singen)
kauf dir den neuen Ringtone von Ramstein
wuuuoooooo eiiiiiii niiiiiiiii

schoene fuesse
vom taiwansinklaus

"Bob Honest" hat gesagt…

Gerade war es wieder. Und jetzt denke ich noch immer an Fusspilz dabei....

(gibt es das wirklich von Ramstein?)

Stefan hat gesagt…

Klar gibts das von Rammstein - ist wohl die chinesische Version von "weisses Fleisch" denk ich. *lach*

Hier ist der Text von dem Zehenlied, glaub ich:

"Bob Honest" hat gesagt…

Danke, jetzt bin ich auf die naechste Strophe moralisch vorbereitet!