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Mittwoch, Oktober 20, 2010

"NIA care what you care!"

 "Taipei 101", this was until recently the highest house on the globe

Astonishing. Taiwan's National Immigration Agency NIA has selected an English speaking slogan to improve their perception among foreigners. The result was being picked from a competition which a Taiwanese teenager has won. His slogan is "NIA care what you care".

Now this obviously sounds like Chinglish gibberish which will be the result of a Taiwanese of high position within the NIA having the responsibility for choosing the slogan and then not being able to admit he or she does not speak proper English.

Well, "NIA Hao***" would have been better, wouldn't it?


This Chinglish slogan is well within the tradition of the previous slogan "TAIWAN UP" which even had been shown on Taipei's skyscraper "Taipei 101" this new year's eve.

*** "Ni hao" would be the informal Chinese hello and "Nin hao" the more formal one.

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