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Dienstag, Oktober 19, 2010

The scent of a woman

Morning in gray Taipei. While the locals are rolling to work on their scooters, some pretty foreign ladies are already preparing their day's work

Not one, many. Almost each morning I pick up food from a breakfast food booth close to my company and will use the elevator on my way back. It is 7.30 in the morning and either the elevator is already full of them or they come running to still jump onto it. Philippian ladies working in my company. It is a bit of a strange sight in the morning, when I am standing alone among them, they are often around 1.50m or below, which makes me towering out of their midst, their hair still wet from the shower and the cent of soap in the air. They are giggling and talking in Spanish and their native language while we ride up to the 6th floor. And when I am late they are already cleaning the white closets of the test department. Recently they were listing to this "I am your lady and you are my man" song, singing along with it while cleaning the closets. And their eyes looked dreamy, as if they were far away from dirty and gray Taipei, probably on a Philippine beach with some well-built beau.

Just a morning impression here from the right-hand edge of the world plate...


Stefan hat gesagt…

Auf den Philippinen gibt es auch schoene Maedchen, aber z.B. Manilla ist eine ziemlich verschmutzte Stadt. Weiss nicht ob denen Taipei grau vorkommt.

Meinst du nicht dass die eher vom Shoppen im 101 traeumen? ;-)
Ich glaub Strandtraeume sind eher was fuer Europaer.

"Ludigel" hat gesagt…

Hast sicher recht. Möglicherweise war ich zwischen dem 2. und 3. Stock eingedämmert und hatte wieder geträumt, der Fahrstuhl würde auf einer einsamen Insel stranden. Äh, never mind.

Stefan hat gesagt…

Das ist aber auch ein schoener Traum. :-)