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Montag, November 16, 2009

Protest against cruel animal shelters

Update: see images and videos from the protest HERE: http://bobhonest.blogspot.com/2009/11/protest-at-executive-yuan-pics-and.html

On November 17, 10.00-12.00am in front of Executive Yuan (front entrance) there will be a protest against the mistreatment of animals in Taiwan's municipal animal shelters.

Address: 1 Sec. 1 Zhongxiao E. Rd Taipei 10058 Taiwan TEL: +886-2-3356-6500

* 捷運:板南線或淡水線台北火車站7號出口或板南線善導寺站1號出口
* 公車:262、605、忠孝幹線、22、257、15...等線於行政院或善導寺站下車。

How to get there: Using MRT, get off Taipei train station, exit No. 7.
Or get off Shandao Temple, exit No. 7.

Or take bus instead, Bus No. 262、605、22、257、15. Get off the Executive Yuan station or Shandao Temple

VIEW maps completely: With Firefox, right-click on the images and select "view image". Then click on the picture to make it bigger.
Must be similar with IE.



Note: The guys organizing the protest would like to know who is coming in advance, so they give the following contact data:

email (eastfree@east.org.tw) (FAX) 02 2239-7634
(telephone) 02-22398105~6

They would like to know real name and contact phone No.

Or you can contact us at taiwan@stray-dogs.org

This is Taiwanese org doing it and they want to know how many people are coming. If you are worried handing over your contact data to Taiwanese (for stay permit or work permit reasons) you can send to us, a handle instead of real name and email would suffice (even if the organizers want real name) and we forward it to the organizers.

However as it is now Monday I think pre-registering is not so important. They got a lot of announced participants, let's hope the rain, which is coming on Tuesday, does not ruin the protest.

Qife and I will go there, we are not part of the organizers.

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