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Freitag, Dezember 12, 2008

Anti-foreigner taxation in Taiwan

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Mit dem 01.01.2009 tritt in Taiwan eine neue, wenig ausländerfreundliche Steuerregelung in Kraft. Während ausländische Residente in Taiwan bislang nur die ersten 183 Tage ihres Aufenthalts in Taiwan einen erhöten Steuersatz von 20% statt der für Einheimische üblichen 6% zahlen mussten (nur einheimische Großverdiener zahlen 10%) und danach (solange sie in Taiwan lebten) auf normale 6% Besteuerung gestuft wurden, ist die Regelung jetzt eine andere.

Wichtig ist, dass man mit der alten Regelung den "steuerlichen Residentenstatus" mit in alle folgenden Steuerjahre nehmen konnte, also immer wieder ab dem 01. Januar aller weiteren Jahre mit 6% besteuert wurde. Unklar ist mir nur, ob jemand, der in seinem letzten taiwanesischen Steuerjahr weniger als 183 Tage geblieben ist, auch nach der alten Regelung wieder die höheren 20% hätte zahlen müssen. Aber seine Firma war jedenfalls nicht dafür haftbar.

Nach der neuen Regelung wird nun jeder (?) Ausländer grundsätzlich am 01.01. eines neuen Jahres wieder als nichtresident eingestuft und hat grundsätzlich die Verpflichtung, wieder 20% für 183 Tage zu zahlen. Leider kann die Firma des Betroffenen dafür in Haftung genommen werden, so dass das neue Gesetz Unternehmen ermächtigt, für uns Ausländer grundsätzlich 20% Steuer einzubehalten.

Nach wie vor werden die zu viel gezahlten Steuern rückerstattet, wenn der Ausländer länger als 183 Jahre im Steuerjahr bleibt und einen Antrag stellt. Dann hat allerdings der taiwanesische Staat einen Zinslosen Kredit für die 18 Monate gehabt, die bis zur Rückzahlung vergehen.

Unklar ist noch, ob Ausländer, die mit Einheimischen verheiratet sind und daher ihre Steuererklärung zusammen mit dem Ehegatten abgeben, auch betroffen sind. Aber gut, wir Langnasen würden das Geld wohl eh nur für Drogen und Frauen ausgeben, denkt sich wohl der taiwanesische Staat. Oder bekommt unsere neue prochinesische Regierung schon ihre Befehle aus Peking? Wo man ja bekanntermaßen Ausländern auch das Leben behördenseitig schwer macht.


NEW tax rules applicable at January 1st, 2009:

LINK to gov pdf file

LINK to discussion on foreigner forum forumosa.com

Taiwan has a general tax of 6%. Enough for a country where the government does not really care much about things. Like police cars standing on the freeway without caring if a truck without lights drives past at night. There is a higher rate of 10% for higher incomes, but that does not apply to me.

Foreigners paying taxes in Taiwan were taxed at 20% the first 183 days during their stay and then ever after only at 6% like anyone else. That meant you actually carried your "normal taxation" status into the 2nd and all following taxation years, once you had it, no matter how long you actually stayed. I am not sure, but probably really staying less than 183 days in a year when first being taxed with 6% would have lead to a later tax demand of the remaining 14% for that year.

But now with the new law, it is not possible to take over the 6% taxation status into the next year. That means that if I leave my company in the 2nd year (or a later year) without having stayed 183 days in that year, and my company had only withheld 6% tax, the tax office will ask my company to pay the remaining 14%. With the old law they seemingly could reject that because the law stated that I had 6% taxation status (taken from year 1 into year 2), end of story.

Less beer for us greedy foreigners, more money for the gov!

To avoid paying taxes for foreigner who had left prematurely, a lot of companies are withholding 20% tax now for all foreigners, regardless how long they are in Taiwan. In the following taxation year, one can file a refund application and will get the tax difference (14%) back if one really stayed 183 days in that taxation year. Means I will give a free loan to the Taiwan government for about 18 month.

Great. Thanks. Here's my money, dear Taiwan government. Be sure to transfer it to private bank accounts of politicians as it's the norm in this country. Shall we call this "longnose tax"? But the bad thing is, a lot of house maids and factory workers from Indonesia or Philippines will never get a tax refund for this because their agents are notorious for cheating them.

No money for her, more money for Major Ma from Bejing

Guess the new pro-Chinese government has received its orders. "Too many round eyed devils in the country..."

P.S.: strange is, my company did not really withhold tax I guess and we always payed it by ourselves in May afterwards, wife and me. Hmm... let's see how this is going to work out. Probably the company will now start to withhold the money. Or not. This is Taiwan; may depend on the weather.

Please ignore the text in italic font.

UPDATE: Rethinking it, the government of Taiwan is right to help themselves to an interest free loan from foreigners. I mean, we would only spend it on girls, drugs and alcohol anyway...
See the picture of my bedside table to confirm this.

UPDATE2 (this time for real):
Wife phoned local tax office. Friendly lady said nothing has changed regarding the law. No higher tax for me. I don't know her, but I like her. Back to bed.
[Probably I am exempted from the new rule, if it really is what it seems, because I am married and file my tax with wife together.]

UPDATE3: Another foreigners got told from his tax office (Kaoshiung), the new "tax them lognoses" tax rule would also apply to folks married to locals (having so-called JFRV ARCs; join family residence visas). So as I said, this may depend on the weather.

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