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Dienstag, November 11, 2008

Nov. 11, 2008: Taiwan's former president in jail!

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[TAIPEI] It is just reported on TV, Taiwan's former president Chen-Shui-Bian has been jailed. He waved his hand-cuffed hands high in the air while he was brought into a police car among a large crowd of people.

LINK where Chen announces he would be waiting for his imprisonment: Click HERE

Taiwan's pro-independence president Chen, DPP, in office 2000-May 2008 ...

Chen had been president of the "Republic of China", commonly known as TAIWAN from 2000 to 2008 and had tried to change the name of the country into "Republic of Taiwan" by handing some kind of declaration of independence from China via popular vote to the People's Republic of China. Taiwan and China had separated in 1949 when the Chiang-Kai-Shek government (Kuomintang party, short: KMT) had fled from China to the island of Taiwan. Until now, the Republic of China is continued on the island of Taiwan and is a parliamentary democracy since 1992.

Taiwan's sitting president Ma, KMT, rather China friendly, in office since 2008
Both official portraits from www.gio.gov.tw

Chen had an extremely high record of corruption (money laundering) accusations against him, even while he was still in office. During his term, his son-in-law had been jailed in relation with money laundering (transferring funds to Swiss bank accounts, the money had been "blackmailed" from the shopping center company "Sogo", seemingly with help of the president's office who "adjusted" taxation of Sogo so they were willing sell shares of the enterprise to Chen's son in law to get rid of the increased taxation), his wife stood trial shortly in relation with the same crime, but the case was dropped due to her deteriorating bad health (she had been run over by a truck during the dictatorship days of Taiwan, when her husband Chen was a candidate of the opposition - seemingly this attack was ordered by the KMT government those days) and state attorneys pointed out even during Chen's term, they would have enough evidence against him to prosecute him as well, as soon as his immunity is over.
Consequently a lot of people were waiting for him to be detained, there are more and more accusations of disappeared state funds, I am unwilling to repeat the long, long list here which even involves private dog food being paid by the tax payer.

Chen stated, he had been jailed in 1986 by the KMT government before and now as the KMT is back in power they would jail him again. He said that short after his last detention, his party, the DPP had been founded (as Taiwan's independence movement) and he believes his second detention would soon be followed by the birth of the Republic of Taiwan.

His arrest comes in a time, when the present KMT government is in reunion talks with Mainland China and other opposition politicians are being arrested on corruption and money laundering charges in Taiwan in relation to their last term in office. Even the former secretary of state had been arrested, so I have read. Let's hope all charges are correct and no political influence by the government is played out here. We certainly want to keep Taiwan democratic, especially facing the reunion talks with Mainland, which are scary to everyone who sees Mainland China as a country jailing its own opposition.

I am personally convinced, the charges against Chen are correct because of the long history of these accusations which even started during his term. I do not know, if charges against other DPP members are correct as I had the impression the Chen-corruption was a strict family business. But what do I know. Politics is interesting here on the rock called Taiwan.

See also about the ongoing reunion talks with China and protests of the opposition: LINK

Hope things don't boil up to the point where the opposition goes wild and challenges the sitting president. That would be a good excuse for China (as in Mainland China, People's Republic of China) to invade Taiwan...

Michael Turton, Godfather of Taiwan blogging, has a list about the recent detentions of opposition members in Taiwan: LINK HERE
Looks like the former foreign secretary is jailed as well. Well... is politics really fun with all the opposition in jail?


Teresa hat gesagt…

Man geht ins Gafaengnis, wenn man verurteilt ist. Der Ex-Praesident ist offiziell noch nicht verurteilt und bis lang liegen noch keine Beweise vor. Er wird aber dennoch verhaftet. Die Neutralitaet der Justiz ist seit dem Antritt des Mr. Mas sehr fragwuerdig geworden! Die Vorurteile gegenueber dem Ex-Praesident sind so was von offensichtlich, dass sogar die Untersuchungsmannschaft bei der Pressekonferenz behaupten, dass sie Ihre Arbeitstellen kuendigen werden , falls sie den Ex-Praesident nicht ins Gefaengnis stecken koennen.

Ludigel ("Bob Honest") hat gesagt…

Richtig, bis zu 4 Monate kann man ins Gefängnis gesteckt werden in Taiwan, ohne dass formale Anklage erhoben wird. Das ist skandalös. Auch wenn sicher viele Beschuldigte wirklich Dreck am Stecken haben, ist dies eine unrichtige und unrechtstaatliche Vorgehensweise. Man stelle sich mal vor, man ist unschuldig und wird erstmal 4 Monate inhaftiert, weil man das "falsche" Parteibuch hat.
Hier sollte die KMT-Regierung aufräumen und reformieren. Ich fürchte aber, da hat sie kein Interesse dran, sondern geniesst ihren langen Hebel, mit der sie alte Rechnungen begleichen kann. So funktioniert Demokratie eigentlich nicht.
So wie unter Chen mit seiner Megakorruption allerdings auch nicht.