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Dienstag, November 18, 2008

Declaration of Silence

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During the weekend I had plenty of time rethinking my view on the recent political turmoils in Taiwan, formally called The Republic of China. In my previous posts about the former president of Taiwan being in jail and arrests among the opposition in parallel with reunion talks with Mainland China...




... I had drawn some connection between the recent reunion talks of the government of Taiwan and "Mainland China" (the People's Republic of China), the arrests of members of the opposition (because of corruption charges during their last term) and even the arrest of the former president Chen. However, with the former president having such a long list of corruption accusations and even having admitted some of them, this connection is not necessarily correct. It may exist or not, the present government under president Ma (KMT party) may or may not attempt to reduce democracy in Taiwan to something more like the previous martial law era (under KMT rule), I do not know that. And I find it exceedingly difficult to side with the KMT government or the DPP opposition as I am actually not too fond of either one's political agenda.

Let's watch what happens...

Turning Taiwan into some kind of family gang banana republic with the first lady, the president and other family members transferring funds to Swiss bank accounts and blackmailing local shopping center companies is not a way of governing a country which I like. Thus, I cannot side with the previous administration / present opposition (DPP).

However, binding the country closer and closer to the dictatorial big brother on the mainland and being trigger-happy whenever big China is giving small Taiwan a pat on the back, to the point of even hiding the Nation's flag when the Chinese envoy comes a long because he might not like it (China opposes Taiwan's independence) and working towards a common market with Mainland China (that sounds like step 5 of a 10-step-plan towards reunion to me) is not something I like either. Not because I am anti-Chinese, but because China is not a democracy but a dictatorship running torture camps and heavily oppressing the opposition.

So I decide to watch the great show on TV with amusement and cheer whenever either side gets its butt kicked. Both sides, KMT and DPP, deserve everything they get, so let's watch and enjoy. It is simply a great show with former president Chen playing the Martyr waving his hand-cuffed hands in the air (someone said he specifically asked for the hand cuffs) and refusing food to be brought to hospital complaining about the unfair proceedings, watching young students calling themselves "Wild Strawberries" and threatening the current president with fake Apple iPod Sit-ins.

Let's watch and enjoy. Nothing against young people expressing their opinion and asking for more democracy. In that way, the Wild Strawberry movement is certainly a positive outcome of the recent political turmoil.

For friends of the Taiwan soap opera: the latest development in "Ex-presidente Chen and the secret money piles": http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2008/11/18/2003428910

Forgt the CIA, here comes the COA:
This is fun also: a (KMT) politician trying to cut the budget of the Agricultural Council had been threatened by gangsters, seemingly working for the Agriculture Councilors: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2008/11/18/2003428925

They were kinda giving the benefits to themselves, as far as the accusations go.

Agent of the Council of Agriculture (COA) on patrol?

Imagine music from "a handful of dollars", a dark figure (fat man with a briefcase) emerging in a corridor and some muscular tattooed gangsters giving way .... whispering to each other: "beware, he is an agricultural councilor!". Well, if vegetables are your trade, you sure know how to make people look at them from .... below [evil laughter].

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