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Mittwoch, Oktober 01, 2008

Pointing the finger at China

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[Taiwan] Until shortly it was damned hot in Taiwan and will be again, when the typhoons have disappeared. But with the Chinese milk scandal, milk powder with ingredients rather meant for producing glue, it is currently friggin' difficult to eat or drink anything with milk, such as ice cream, cheese, milk tea, cookies, cakes, bread, instant coffee powder. Basically all is full of China's slightly toxic milk powder, which was used extensively for producing foodstuff in Taiwan. Unfortunately Taiwan's government does not dare to speak up against China, not even to the point of ordering all milk-containing foodstuff from China to be destroyed to protect its own customers. Besides big mouthed announcements not much had been done (see here), so it is difficult to eat anything right now. I guess, eating China's waste products can't be avoided when you live so close to the glorious Gangsta (sorry: People's) rep. of China. Nestle announced its products would be safe (see here), however Melamine (the toxic substance in question) had been found in their products as well (LINK) [NOTE: this only relates to local products in Taiwan, European and Americans ones are different!].
It's hot, I want friggin' ice cream without China's toxic waste, damn it. Well, WEIS company from Australia has answered my question and stated, their product would be made of Australian and NZ milk, so I believe it and buy their ice cream bar, which is delicious.

When will the "People's Republic of China" finally learn, introducing a free society with free speech will also lead to critical consumers, consumer food watch organizations and thus have a huge payback for the country, because China's products would get a better reputation that way. However today, someone criticizing China's product safety is in danger to be sentenced for damaging China's reputation and is likely to go to jail and get electrodes at sensitive body parts. No wonder, China's products often are so dangerous for lacking business ethics and low product safety regulations. Local Communist Party boss = local big business men = Mafia. No wonder how that turns out.
Ah yes, speaking of pointing at China's toxic problem...

Photo evidence: Here Japan has... the upper hand (I mean finger). Pointing right at what's wrong with China (toxic waste). Long live Japan!

"Get it, PRC, get it? Stop talking about becoming a super power and rather keep your waste where it belongs..."

[screenshots from Japan's NHK TV circling trough Taiwan's office fun emails...]

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Bluefish hat gesagt…

Hi, I found your blog via www.expat-blog.com. I was born in Taipei but I now live in Montreal. I find your blog very interesting because it helps me to understand my birth country more from an expat's view.

Take care.