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Dienstag, September 30, 2008

The end of greed...

Ludigel's revolutionary blog discovers:

Capitalism has failed.

Bush announces: we become Socialist!

[Washington] US president George W. Bush, who was already considered by many as a thing of the past, has surprised the world and the US with a dramatic speech last night. "Capitalism has failed", he announced, and it would have been the only possible conclusion of the present financial crisis "which was triggered by greed and the pursuit of mammon." A system, to put it in the words of the president, "which encourages greed and irresponsible behavior which takes from the needy and gives to a few greedy". The president admitted in his speech, his present suggestion to support companies of the financial sector with 700 billion US dollars while not caring for American home owners who often lost their property due to the crisis "was a grave and uttermost failure". G. W. Bush continued: "There is only one thing we can do now, to seek a new and fair system of economic distribution: a system which does not feed a few and lets most of the people starve, but a new and fair system which promises a great future. Away with poverty, let us start anew!" The president subsequently stated "mistakes of authoritarian regimes of the past will not be repeated, we will have free speech and free elections. Just like in Venezuela!"

OK OK only dreaming. In reality, nothing will change and we will have even larger and more powerful companies emerging from this crisis which can then follow their pursuit of destroying the middle class with even more vigor.

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